Posted 1 week ago

3/4 of the Amusement Club and Mimorin. Good choice.

Posted 2 weeks ago

What do these two anime have in common? I won both of their first (R1) DVD volumes at a convention.

Posted 3 weeks ago

The popular Madoka x Gaim series continues. Though not part of the Law of Cycles, Kyoko looks pretty sweet with Baron’s upgrade. And Madoka’s bow.

Posted 4 weeks ago

Purveyors of music and cuteness, idols are where it’s at.

Posted 1 month ago

Stars, roses and Tomatsu.

Posted 1 month ago

So the ice skating element has been nixed, but the ridiculous finishing moves will probably remain. If this can keep up the same mix of lore and drama that its predecessors had, it’ll still stand apart from Aikatsu, even as it tries to get closer to that turf. And if CR picks it up, all the better. Rainbow Live made me a fan, and I hope PriPara keeps up the same momentum.

Posted 1 month ago

Gate of Helheim

King of Fruits, do you have enough Arms?

Posted 1 month ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

Posted 1 month ago

Ayaneru and Maaya are in this! While Riddle's her solo debut, this is my favorite music video she's in this season.

Posted 2 months ago

In another timeline…