Posted 2 days ago

World, these are Japan’s idols!

Posted 4 days ago

An idea like this always has intrigued me.

Posted 5 days ago

These two do look pretty great together.

Posted 2 weeks ago

This is most “Heroic lily”-like song she’s released yet. Mayayan, my full support is behind you.

Posted 2 weeks ago

I’d think Lady Ophelia would be more accurate.

All hail the new Witchlord.

Posted 2 weeks ago

DAISUKI.NET to announce streaming of Aikatsu! - Info - DAISUKI

This is grand news.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Bah, PriPara is only going to be 38 episodes. It also gets a movie that will hopefully be more than a recap, but I’m really loving the show.

Posted 3 weeks ago

A real Japanese VN just referenced Katawa Shoujo. That’s kind of impressive.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Everything about Maaya Uchida in the Spring ‘14 season is concentrated in this one image.

Posted 1 month ago

Dreaming for Traffic Safety, Rock Paper Scissors, Yayoi’s the best.