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Judging a light novel by its manga adaptation is like judging a movie by its novelization.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Two more in the Madoka x Gaim series, including Madoka herself.


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I’m personally buying this album. Worth every cent.

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Juri Nagatsuma is mai waifu.

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Anime of the next season, right here.

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Always Maaya!

I’ve been a big fan of Maaya Uchida since I saw her in Akibaranger (and learned she was playing Aoi within the show), and have been following her voice acting career ever since. This is her blog, which I am linking to for fanboy reasons.

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It is on this day that I got my wish. Ena crossed over into her sister’s show. Maybe not looking quite as good in animated form as I expected, but it proves we’re in the same, larger universe. Chiaki, Noko, Sakura, they’re all here.

Posted 1 month ago

Both the show and its opening are sticking in my mind longer than I thought.

Posted 2 months ago

"Victory through domination!"